Beauty Tips

Men’s Shampoo VS Women’s Shampoo

I stumbled upon something I found very interesting…

First of all I have used many different brands of Women’s shampoo, even the expensive hair dressing kinds. I did notice my hair wasn’t as dry with certain kinds but not an insane difference. As of late I just buy whatever is on sale (I focus more of my dollars on makeup 🙂 To each their own). My hair gets greasy so fast, max I can go is two days, I have tried dry shampoos but my hair still FEELS yuck. So I was washing my hair every day, sometimes two.

NOW one day I ran out of my shampoo (I procrastinate basically) and I used my hubby’s shampoo, which was old spice, the same kind he always gets. Two days went by and my hair didn’t feel or look greasy at all, I was already amazed… I pushed it a little further. This is no joke, I went FIVE FREAKIN DAYS without washing my hair I honestly still could of went more but I just had to wash it, just on the thought alone that it had been 5 days.

Needless to say my hubby is not happy because I haven’t stopped using his shampoo, I go 3-4 days before I wash my hair now and it is fantastic! I have noticed it isn’t as dry as it used to be, not a crazy transformation but still I am hoping it becomes more and more healthier because I am not washing it as often.

Has anyone else ran into this before??? Plz comment below because I think us women have be duped lol

Also comment any Women’s shampoos you have found that are amazing. 😀


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