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3D Mascara Review- NEW FORMULA

I finally received my 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! EEEK. This new formula I can tell instantly it is way better then the old stuff. The Gel was nice and smooth, fibers looked about the same, once applied I realized they don’t flake like the old fibers did (When you would get black flakies on your freshly painted face :P). I applied it the way the box instructs, I didn’t use any tips or tricks (using a blow dryer etc.), and I was AMAZED! I have been using a drug store brand lately and it would irritate my eyes something fierce, this mascara is great for sensitive eyes! I LOVE it. Before I purchased it I wanted to make sure it would last, because my old stuff dried up within 1 month :(. The girls in my up-line have ensured me it lasted them about 8 weeks before STARTING to dry up, I can live with that!



Those are my results doing the steps 1 time. So that is:

Step 1: Apply Gel Liquid

Step 2: Immediately apply fibers

Step 3: Apply Gel liquid to seal in the fibers.

Repeat until desired.

If I am going out on the town I would do those steps 2 or 3 times depending on how long and thick I wanted my lashes!

To purchase your own go here: GET YOUR MASCARA HERE

Let me know in the comment section if you purchased a mascara!


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