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No More Fake Lashes!

new-mascara1Younique has released a BRAND new formula for their mascara ❤

This IS the reason I fell in love with this brand. Let me break it down for you:

I tried my mom’s Younique Fiber Lash Mascara, it was AMAZING!! This was the first formula (that I am aware of), a few months passed before I ordered the kit which of course came with a full sized mascara. Found out this was a NEW formula they had just released. I was super excited to try it out, and it worked about the same as the first formula (my mom’s). THEN a few weeks passed and it began drying up really bad, I had to run it under hot water before every use. I was very disappointed as my mom’s was still perfect!!!! (I wanted to switch them out without her knowing) < I didn’t!

OK, this new formula is so amazing and I am thrilled I can finally promote the heck out of this mascara because it is. That. Good.

Go Here >

To purchase yours!

**I am also looking for 3 honest reviews, so IF you do purchase from me let me know!**




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