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Facebook Parties! Are They Fun?

Since Younique has started blowing up your news feeds I am sure you already have heard of Facebook Parties. I try to think as if I was not a presenter, what would I want to know? Here are some common questions answered:

What exactly are they?

We open an event, invite your friends/family, learn some tips and tricks. Have some fun!

What would I have to do?

First you would invite your friends, and just participate! The more fun your friends and family are having the better the party works out.

What is the point?

For you the point would be to earn hostess rewards! You also get to learn tips and tricks and share some of your own. The point for me (the presenter) would be to reach out to more people and share makeup hacks I have learned using Younique’s amazing products.


Fun things about Facebook Parties:

  • All online.
  • Making it a theme- back to school, beauty bash, raise awareness for a cause, makeup hacks, Fall into colour, winter wonderland, etc.
  • No clean-up.
  • Drop in whenever.
  • Order online, delivered to your door.
  • You learn with friends!

Currently booking Beauty Bashes for September! Which is also the month we release brand new products! Comment below to get in touch with me OR shoot me a message on my Facebook page!

Facebook page found on right hand side of main page on this blog! Thanks for the support ❤




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