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Go With Your Gut!

This is way off topic but I was just thinking about how many times I get those “gut feelings” and then do nothing, out of fear mostly. I was never one to take risks or strive to be a leader. Last year in November I was thinking about joining Younique, I was researching them like crazy, I really didn’t want to get into something that would take me no where.

So, after tons of research I was thinking ‘wow‘ sounds like a great opportunity, no one on my friends list or around town sold Younique. BUT, then that ugly thing crept into my mind, doubt! I started thinking things like:

  • What if no one likes it
  • what if they say no
  • I can’t do makeup videos
  • I am not a marketer

After that I tucked the thought away, suddenly a month later someone in my town popped up selling Younique. They are now an Elite, after then seeing how quickly her business took off I had to give it a shot, so in February I joined!

Not only have I made back my initial investment and am making profit now, I have also met an amazing group of women who are motivated to succeed and help others. Younique has helped me come out of my shell!

If you ever get a gut feeling, don’t put yourself down, take the risk! You never know when you will find that thing you excel in. So many times I think what if I had started back when I wanted to!

*If no one in your town or facebook friends represent Younique, you are in a great position to grow a business fast*



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