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Quick Guide To Brushes

I never used brushes, EVER. OK, I did for eye shadow, but never for foundations. I was using the blending buds which worked very well. I recently tried out Youniques Liquid Foundation Brush and was amazed!!! Anyways, here is a quick beginner friendly guide to a few brushes you should definitely invest in! ❤


Powder Puff Brush: Used to apply any type of powder, mainly used for foundation. Great for blending your makeup! This brush should be in every makeup collection.

Concealer Brush: This brush has tightly packed bristles, and a tapered design for spot application. Blends smooth and evenly, great for under your eye’s.

Deluxe Eye Brush: This brush allows you to sweep colour evenly over your eyelid blending the powder. It is quick and easy to get your base colour in place.

Liner/Shader Brush: This brush is a great tool to have, the shader brush is perfect for blending pigments giving you a smokey eye look. The liner brush you can use wet or dry for the desired eye liner look.

Blending Buds: Not a brush but just as important, great for powder foundation, cream foundation, liquid foundation, primer, blusher, or BB creams. They are reusable sponges, one small for finer details and one large for more area application.

Precision Eyelash Curler: Want your lashes to pop even more? This is the perfect tool, with one squeeze this bad boy will give your lashes a long-lasting curl.

My New Fav-

Liquid Foundation Brush: Geared towards the amazing Liquid Foundation, this brush does not disappoint! Waste not, leaves a smooth finish and does not absorb your product!




4 thoughts on “Quick Guide To Brushes

  1. Great helpful post! Could you recommend any brands I could try out? Using real techniques at the minute I’m wanting to try something new.


    1. I have always had such a hard time finding good brushes, that is why I always used my fingers lol! I don’t mean to be biased BUT I do sell Younique cosmetics and I absolutely love their powder puff brush and liquid foundation brush. I used to also love IT Cosmetics. Both are fairly pricey. < Liquid Foundation brush, there. Those are the only two I have. My eye makeup brushes I been using Crown, which is amazing! I haven't tried their foundation brushes yet so those are also worth a look.

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  2. Such a helpful post! I’ve always been quite a newbie when it comes to applying make-up with brushes because I’m more of a beauty blender kind of gal. Will definitely employ these tips and tricks the next time I apply with a brush 🙂 xo, sharon


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