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Tanning Spray Review

I already wrote a post about how bad tanning beds are so I won’t go into a big lecture on that subject. I did finally get enough courage to test out Younique’s Tanning Spray!

I have NEVER tried a tanning spray/lotion before so this is my first time. I was so worried I would turn orange or have streaks all over my face. Here are my results:


Here are the STEPS I took:

Step 1:

I tested the product on my leg about a week before I tried it to make sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. (Only need 24hours)

Step 2:

I showered and exfoliated, I have very dry skin on my face so exfoliating is very important!

Step 3:

I did not put anything else on my face, no moisturizer, primer, nothing! I then got everything ready:

  • Tanning Spray
  • BB cream/liquid foundation -which ever you have.
  • A towel – just in case.

Step 4:

I mixed the Tanning spray and my BB cream on the side of my hand, then began applying to my face.

Step 5:

Be sure to apply to your ears, neck, and around your hairline.

Step 6:

Using JUST the Tanning Spray, I sprayed directly onto my chest, shoulders and down my arms. Rub it in!

That is all!!!

I didn’t see a difference until the next day while at work. It gave me a nice subtle tan, if you want darker just repeat all the steps again!

Right now there is an amazing deal for $119CAD you can get 4 rockin items and a FREE beach tote! Check it out here:


You can simply purchase just the Tanning Spray for $30CAD here:

Comment below what Tanning Sprays you have tried!


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