Beauty Tips

Preventing Wrinkles!

Wrinkles = Happy Life

That is how I look at it, now we of course wouldn’t mind having less of or reducing the look of those fine lines. So below I am going to go over a couple steps you can take that are fairly easy, you can just toss them into your daily routine. (Only going over a couple as there are many ways)

Step One: Stay Hydrated!

-Drink plenty of water.

  • I dare you to drink one glass of water before every meal!

-Coconut Water

  • I dare you to look up coconut water, to see where in your town you can purchase it.

-Drink Green Tea

  • I dare you to have one cup of green tea at least three times a week, try before bed!

Step Two: Eat Your Fruits & Vegies

-Eat more vegies

  • I dare you to throw some vegies in your normal meal and/or smoothie!

-Eat more fruits

  • I dare you to eat an apple or any kind of fruit instead of a chocolate bar or chips!


Small Tips:

  • Sleep more
  • Do not smoke
  • Eat lots of saturated fat

Products to use:

Coconut oil:

Uplift Eye Serum:









15 thoughts on “Preventing Wrinkles!

    1. The only natural ways would be to eat healthier and wear sunglasses in the summer to avoid sun exposure. The skin under our eyes is very sensitive. Always moisturize, I swear by Vitamin E cream, I get it from my local drug store. If you want instant results I would go for a eye serum, Younique has a great one, although it is costly. Check it out here There is also the 14 day no questions asked guarantee. Read that here:

      I hope this helps! I know those fine lines aren’t fun to deal with.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Makes me excited! also I think the reason I even got those lines under my eyes in the first place was from being in the sun and not wearing sunglasses half the time.


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