Beauty Tips

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty!

I am a sucker for the “natural look” every time I see someone rocking it I am stunned by how amazingly natural is really looks. So how does one get this look without being a makeup artist? Sculpting, the word used to frighten the sh!t out of me, I always thought I would look like a weirdo, with dark noticeable lines all over my face. EEK! Disaster, is what I imagined. However, I have researched my pants off and have finally figured it out! There are tons of ways to accomplish this, depending on how “enhanced” you want your features to be.

I first started out using two different shades of BB Cream, then moved to bronzer, and finally the sculpting trio! For everyday I use the BB Cream and bronzer, a night out on the town I opt for the amazing Sculpting Trio.

How to  sculpt is you basically want the darker shade applied to the parts of your face you want to hide and/or make smaller. For example, just under your cheek bones, under your chin (double chin!) and your forehead. The lighter shade is used for the areas you want to highlight/stand out. There is a great tutorial and step by step guide below:

Check it out HERE!


I would have to say my favorite is the bronzer, coming in 3 different shades it is simply stunning. With one swoop it highlights my cheek bones perfectly!




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