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Why Choose Younique For A Business?

Took me a couple days to post this following my other recent post about MLM’s, but here it is!

So if you are searching for a business to start up, why choose Younique when there are so many other’s out there? I cannot make this decision for you, but I can tell you why I chose Younique!

  • Attainable Promotions
  • Instant payments (no waiting a month!)
  • Newer Company = More Chances
  • Younique’s Mission Statement
  • Great Products
  • The Presenters Kit! <Amazing
  • No Monthly quotas— $250 every 3 months, which is actually easy to get even without trying 😛
  • Free website!
  • Birthday Bonus

After researching all that great Info I just had to sign up! Here is what I realized after signing up.

  • Amazing support group!
  • Trip incentives!
  • There were top earners just an hour drive from me! (Makes it more real!)
  • My friends and family also love the products.
  • It’s fun!
  • Literally all done online!
  • You can have home parties, if you want.

There you have all the reasons I am glad I chose Younique. I still cannot get over the amount of support your up-line gives you. Just after two months into this business I made back the amount of $$ I spent on the kit, after that it is all profits! Have I quit my job and started living on my very own private beach….no, not so much. BUT I have paid my grocery bill, bought myself some goodies, paid for half a trip we took and other various things. I would say it has been worth my effort so far!

I hope this gave you some insight and helps you choose the right path for YOU!

Stay tuned for more beauty posts! This business talk tires me out 😛



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