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Run Your Own Business!

Before I begin I will say this now, this is a MLM! Don’t run just yet! Let’s look at what MLM marketing is all about.

MLM – Multi-level marketing. What does this mean? This is a marketing strategy in which companies recruit others to sell their product and in return they receive a percentage of what they sell (Percentages vary depending on which company). To me here is the most controversial part and why MLM gets a bad rep, you are encouraged to recruit and build your company/team. In return you will receive a small percentage of the sales your team makes also.

Lets not lie to ourselves people love to make the moola, who can blame them right? So naturally you will get people who only think “how can I make the most money possible?” This is where it gets messy, they spam everywhere, they give no value to what they are selling, they pester people constantly. This is not a get rich quick kind of business, it takes time, research, testing products, meeting people, creating relationships etc.

Right now you are probably thinking why would I join you and work so hard to sell for some company? Younique is well younique, it differs from Avon and others similar, the support is overwhelming, everyone is so nice and really truly wants you to succeed. If you join my company or anyone else’s you also join up with their entire up-line.

Now back to MLM, I can see why it has a bad rep, but the way I look at it is:

I have been buying my cosmetics from the local drug store since I was a teenager, I have never found a product I like (until Younique), had no idea what I was looking for or  doing. I was giving my money to large multi billion dollar companies who sell mediocre products, a lot who test on animals, and use toxic ingredients. So yes Younique is also rolling in the dough but they at least give us a chance to earn some extra cash. I would rather buy from someone who is simply trying to earn money to either support their family, buy something nice for themselves or whatever the reason. Younique’s products are natural ingredients, they do not test on animals. (They are not on PETA yet but I have been in contact and they are working on it, slowly but making an effort).

I realize this post is kind of all over the place, I was trying to make it as short as I could :P.

I will write another post shortly about why to choose Younique. Stay tuned 😀



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