Beauty Tips

Safe Tanning

By now we all know how damaging the sun is for our skin, and how worse tanning beds are! If you still want that summer tan there are a couple safe alternatives, spray tans/lotions and body bronzers.

I have heard almost every excuse as to why they just cannot use spray tans/lotions or body bronzers:

  • Takes too long
  • Fades away to fast
  • I get streaks
  • I turn orange

These are all excuses from people who have never tried spray on tans OR have tried and did not apply correctly.

Just think for a moment, when you go to the tanning beds does it take time? Yes. Does the tan fade if you stop going? Yes. Do you get tan lines? Yes. Do you turn orange? Ok. maybe not, but most of the time if applied correctly and with the right brand you will not turn orange.

Right now there is an amazing deal HERE. You save $62 (Canadian) and also receive a FREE beach tote! Check it out and feel free to message me with any questions.




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