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How To Choose The Right Foundation?

I have been MIA for a while! While I have been off my blog I have been trying out different Younique foundations. I have very dry skin, no matter what foundation I apply it ALWAYS ends up looking flakey -_-. I am in love with Younique’s BB cream, it works really well on my skin IF I haven’t just showered. This is a problem for me because I always shower then apply my make-up and out the door I go. Here is what I have done recently:

  1. I exfoliate using a coffee mixture!
  2. I moisturize!
  3. Primer!
  4. BB cream!
  5. Home-made translucent powder!

This has been working….until yesterday! I most likely didn’t blend well enough, I was in a hurry. I managed to check my face out in a mirror about an hour after leaving the house and looking up close my skin was flakey and gross! From a distance you couldn’t tell, but I still dislike it. I now use Younique’s cream foundation and it has been going very well! I am very surprised.


Here is a guide to choosing the right foundation for your skin type:

Oily Skin – Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

Dry Skin- Touch Mineral Cream Foundation

Combination- BB Flawless

Always set your foundations with a powder, either make your own as I did or for even more coverage use the Touch Mineral Powder Foundation.


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