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Kitnappers Unite!

That was me! I seen so many people raving about Younique Products on my FB page I really wanted them all! I am not going to lie I am what you would call “cheap” I hate buying things without trying them out first. However, I had to try Younique, after I seen their kits and the fact you received $202 CAD worth of product for only $119 CAD I was sold.

I had no intentions on selling Younique! NONE! I just wanted to try their products. (In the kits you receive sample sizes to try out as well as full sized products.

As you can see I began selling Younique! It started with my family members asking about it and then my boss asked me about my lipstick (Stiff Upper Lip Stain). I made 4 sales within 2 weeks! I started thinking ‘damn I think I can do this’ or at least make it a hobby during my down time :). It is a hobby because I actually enjoy being a Younique Presenter, plus I can earn some spending cash and free makeup in the process. Not to mention the AMAZING people I have met along the way, it really has boosted my social life.

The newest kit is just wonderful, I am seriously considering creating a new FB account just so I can kitnap this kit! I wish I had waited a month and got this kit instead.

new presenters kit

Valued at $270 CAD! WOW can I mention again my kit was only valued at $202 CAD. I might have just talked myself into being a kitnapper once again!




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