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Do I Need Primer?

For this post I am going to focus on one beauty product that I used to ignore. First off I always moisturized because my skin is so dry, even in the summer months! I would then apply my make-up and go, about an hour or two later I would check myself out in the mirror only to find my make-up half gone/running down my face. This made me not like make-up very much! I couldn’t figure out how my friends could look immaculate all day long…..PRIMER! I REPEAT PRIMER!

So what exactly does primer do? I will explain!

The main reason many people use primer is to help keep their make-up put. Primer smooth’s the surface of your skin, it also creates a protective barrier over your skin! This seals in and protects any treatment products you may have used before, such as moisturizer or a cleansing cream. Using a primer at night after your nightly treatments is very beneficial, locking in all the ‘good stuff.’ You don’t need a huge amount, less is more when it comes to primers, which is good because it lasts longer.

Primer around the eyes!

Dab a very small amount around your eyes, gently pat into your skin until it is fully absorbed. Primer around your eyes is just as important, it keeps your eye makeup from running or creasing! <(my eye-shadow always did this!) It softens crows feet and even counteracts redness. How can one not love that!

Primer can be used in other ways as well:

  • Dab onto your lips to prevent lipstick from feathering or settling into lines.
  • Toss some primer in your hair. Yes your hair! It will give you a nice shine and your hairstyle lasts longer!


IMPORTANT: Follow these steps:


2)Liquid foundation or BB cream

3)Translucent Powder

If you do not finish off with a powder the foundation will wipe off as soon as you touch your face. (Which I do a lot!)


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