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Younique Mascara Looks Terrible!

I have heard this many times! Someone once said “It looks like spider legs coming out of your eyes!” I googled some picks once again (this was before I owned a 3D fiber lash), after looking at some I thought ‘OH she is right!’ While there were many spidey looking ones I still seen tons of beautiful lashes so I just had to try for myself.

My lashes are actually pretty decent (not bragging :P) so when I did apply the fibers I was overwhelmed, my lashes were leaving marks just below my eyebrows. It did actually look kind of spidey!

badMy results were probably a cross between the first and second top pictures! INSANE!

So, why do I use 3D fiber lash mascara you ask?  I don’t use the fibers! AND when I do use them I am very light handed and make sure not to go too crazy and they look great for a night out on the town!

For everyday use I only use the mascara not the fibers and my lashes look amazing! I use to have a mascara that I loved! It was also a two step, one step was a comb and it separated my lashes and made them look AMAZING. However, it was discontinued and until now with the fiber lash mascara I hadn’t been able to find one that accomplished what my lashes used to be.


Now if you have small/blonde/white/thin lashes then the fibers are your best friend, honestly if you apply it correctly you will not get a negative person saying “LOOK SPIDER LEGS!” < who says that anyways?




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