Beauty Tips

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

As I walked through the doors of the grocery store, I kept my head low and my hair off to the side making sure to hide that pimple I kept picking at, and is now red and swollen. I took a deep breath, trying to focus on what I needed to buy. Yes I was a new mom, completely overwhelmed and feeling like a gross messy blob!

I have come a long way since then, 6 years ago I was that women, you know…the ones who let themselves go, I was lucky enough to get a shower in let alone make sure I was healthy and happy. It is hands down the most difficult ‘job’ in the world, being a mom, I know that is what everyone says, but only because it is true. It is also the most rewarding, watching your children grow and learn is an amazing thing. However, as time went on I was becoming more and more depressed, the ragged clothing, feeling exhausted, my skin breaking out, looking like a zombie. I was stressed to the max and had no idea how to come out of it.

More time went on and I began to learn that yes I deserve a shower, I can work around this. I made time to shower and apply minimal makeup, I also straightened my dry frizzy hair. I felt like a million bucks that day, I walked inside that grocery store with my head held high, smiling from ear to ear. I even rejoiced when people would stop and coo at my baby boy, I felt confident enough to engage in small talk. It felt amazing, I am fully aware makeup is not the answer to life’s depressions, but I can’t say it didn’t give me that extra boost.

I love myself, I like to think I am not insecure about my body, although I do have those days! Beauty is skin deep I believe that, I do. I also believe that we women feel better when we can look at ourselves and not say “damn I am not leaving the house looking like this…” I still have those days, where I just didn’t have time…wait scratch that…didn’t FEEL like showering or putting on makeup, and there is nothing wrong with that!

There are days when I feel wonderful with zero makeup on, my skin is glowing my hair has those natural beach waves….those are great days. On other days even some black mascara makes all the difference in how I feel, others I like to go all the way…eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, some blush. In my opinion makeup saved my sanity, it is something I can do for myself, my hubby is always saying “you don’t need makeup, I like you the way you are.” That is awesome, but I am not doing it for him or anyone else, I put make-up on for myself and I love it!



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