Beauty Tips

What Is My Skin Tone?

I have always had trouble with this. It is the main reason why I never used foundations. Younique’s foundations are available in a cream, powder, or liquid. All are so soft, I have personally only used the powder and I don’t even feel like I am wearing foundation, my skin is soft and flawless all day!

Here is a guide to choosing the right tone:


Step one: Is your complexion light, medium, or dark?

Light=row 1                 Medium=Row 2               Dark=Row 3

Step two: Look at your wrist, what colour are your veins?

Blue veins/cool=Column 2         Green veins/warm=Column 3    Blue/Green/Purple veins/Neutral=Column 1

EXAMPLE: I have a light complexion=row 1………My veins are green/blue/purple means I am neutral=column 1 My skin tone is SCARLET.

Buy your foundation here!


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